Picking The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Pets are amazing when you have one at home. Dogs are one of the best bets that most people have at their homes to keep them alert. When you have a dog as a pet, it requires you to have good maintaining criteria to keep it healthy and strong. Maintaining a dog is not easy, you need to be attentive in protecting it from neighbors especially when you are in a populated area. You also need to train your dog by looking at the best safety and maintenance aspects to put into practice such as the wireless dog fence.

When you are living where people are large in number, you need to provide attentive care to the dog from being injured and getting diseases. You need to keep in within your compound to prevent it from running away. You need to have a wireless fence as an option for securing your dog. A problem arose when you chose a wireless fence to use; this is because of the various options available in the market. The following tips will guide you I choosing the best wireless fence for your dog.

dog fence
The area covered

When you buy a wireless fence for your dog you need to know the exact area, it covers in your compound. Remember the wireless fence has no physical wires; security relies on the transmitters to limit the dogs’ movement. You should consider the space it will cover in your compound. Some transmitters can cover an acre. You also need to consider the shape of the transmitter when you are buying the wireless electric fence. When you are setting the wireless dog fence in your compound, you need to ensure that the wood or metal does not allow them are not close to the wood or metal because some transmitters are not able to pass through these structures.

Ease of installation

The process of setting up a wireless dog fence is simple since you do not need to build anything. The installations only require you to set up the transmitter on your computer. Running the transmitter takes about one hour to have it run; you can also carry the transmitter around and restrict the radius the dog should be limited to. The invisible dog fence should be tried in areas with a good temperature that is not close to freezing point. You need to position the transmitter in a place where it can accommodate the reasonable radius to limit the dog.

Number of dogs allowed

This is a simple factor to consider when you buy a wireless dog fence for your dog. You need to consider the maximum number of dogs the transmitter program can accommodate. You need to buy a wireless dog fence that can accommodate at least here dogs. Although this depends on the receiver callers that the transmitter has. The brand you choose should have the best features depending on the number of dogs it allows.


The wireless dog fence should have a warranty of at least one year. Ensure that the dealer offers the warranty so that you can contact him whenever you need his help. When the dog fence id damaged within the warranty period, you will be able to have a replacement easily.

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