Understanding the Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors

In the past, polished concrete floors were common in commercial spaces and finished basements. Nowadays, you can find them in residential homes. The recent advancements in ability to stain and seal concrete have increased its aesthetic appeal. This has made it possible to allow it to compete with other stone flooring like granite, marble, and slate but a cheap cost. There are many benefits of polished concrete flooring to renovators and home builders. The following are some of the benefits of polished concrete flooring:


concrete floorIf you want to build an environmentally sustainable home, then you should consider using polished concrete floors. In fact, sealed concrete has a low environmental impact. If the home is built on an existing concrete slab, just sealing and sanding the concrete will eliminate the need for extra flooring materials that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, compounds that are used to finish and sand concrete floor contain few volatile organic compounds that are known to pollute the environment. Also, they can reduce the quality of indoor air. You should note that compounds used to seal the concrete floors do not have lasting odor.

Great Value

It is a good idea to use treated concrete. Other than being sustainable, it is one of the affordable flooring options. The truth is that concrete comes pre-installed. This explains why most homes are built on the concrete slabs. Also, extra additions of vinyl, timber, tile, and carpeting can be laid over it. Installing concrete can help minimize cost of interior lighting thanks to the reflective surface.

Easy to Maintain

Usually, the traditional flooring has tough cleaning requirements. For instance, carpeting ought to be vacuumed. For example, marble floors need special cleaners and special attention. On the other hand, floor boards ought to be waxed. A polished concrete floor that is highly resistant to the stains and scuffs can easily be mopped. This is likely to save you many hours in cleaning and labor costs.

Extremely Durable

The truth is that concrete floors are quite durable. A well-treated concrete floor is likely to last for over 100 years. This explains why commercial enterprises utilize this particular flooring option in retail locations and high traffic places. Since the floor is breathable, it means that it is not susceptible to rot issues and moisture as the case with vinyl and tile floors.

Health Benefits

durable concrete flooringDust mites and household dust are known to cause allergies. In fact, they are problematic for people suffering from respiratory issues. Carpeting has long fibers while floorboards and tile have grooves and grout lines that can harbor germs, mildew, and bacteria. The good thing about polished concrete is that it is seamless and does not leave any place for the dust mites to gather and even expose bacteria that may be trapped. If you want to create an allergy-free environment in your home, then you should consider concrete flooring.

Very Versatile

When it comes to concrete flooring stains and treatments, homeowners have lots of options. For instance, they can try different silicon sealers. In fact, you can stain concrete to get a marble-like effect.

Post Author: Franklin Liggett